Having studied and practiced western medicine all my professional adult life, I am passionate about healing and caring for those who are suffering. I have had a natural healing gift since I was a young child, I guess that’s what drew me along the career path I took. Although, I still work in many traditional healthcare settings I have spent years embracing eastern medicine and all it has to offer also.

I have studied, practiced and gained years of experience in many disciplines. I am an energy therapist and teacher, I have the ability to scan your body and aura to detect energy flow or blocks. I am able to move you energy, therefore, enhancing wellbeing and health in your physical, emotional and mental body.

Baby body talk therapist/teacher, I am an expert in child development with by MA degree in child development and as a Public health Nurse for 23years (screens for child development milestones and abnormalities). I have the ability with my energy therapy to provide and guide Mothers to move their baby’s energy with their owns hands.

Anne Marie Slavin

Reiki Master/Teacher Seichem Master/Teacher, Reiki is a therapy that faciltates rapid and effective change in all areas of your life. It is a technique that assists the body in releasing stress and tension by creating deep relaxation and peace; due to this Reiki promotes healing and health. It restores balance and vitality by relieving the physical, mental and emotional effects.

Mindful/Meditation Therapist, it is a mental training practice, focusing your mind, enhancing a state of awareness therefore quietening the mind. Regular mindfulness or meditation, can change your thoughts, change your life, change your world, meditation/mindfulness helps to alleviate anxiety and depression, helps you find peace, happiness and clarity, reduces or even alleviate eating disorders or even addictions.

I hold the following third level qualifications: MA. Childwelfare / Development, MSc. Management & Leadership Development, Genetic Advisor, Public Health Nurse, Midwife and Nurse.

I am originally from Downpatrick, Co.Down, and have lived in Tipperary since 1995. I have left HSE in 2018 to follow my heart and continue to work and help people with emotional, mental and/or physical issues. I always felt there is something missing within the medical model.

It was during my studies Masters Degree – MSc in Management and Leadership Development that I decided to train as a Reiki Master. Seichem Master and Teach Reiki. I trained as a registered general nurse in my teens and continued to work within the nursing professional at many levels and in my experience I have realised the best form of wellness is to marry conventional medicine with complimentary therapy. My main aim when working or treating people with symptoms like depression, or physical problems/injuries, or emotional issues is to identify the CAUSE.