Reiki I – Two day training

This is a certified course, it includes modality training, manuals, hands-on practice and the initiation. This is the first step and allows the student to experience the healing through themselves. The focus of this level is very much about self-care. Reiki 1 will accelerate the students personal development and spiritual evolution and create the confidence and competence within, giving the most positive effect… Read more.

Reiki II

The second attunement widens the healing channel to allow more life force and healing energy to come through the student. There is an increased connection to the intuitive creative aspect of the student. The focus of this workshop is the introduction of symbols to enhance the healing energy. Also Reiki level 2 the student is attuned to and learn the use of symbol, with this comes the skill of focusing healing on mental and emotional problems and distant healing those not physically present… Read more.

Reiki III

This is the final degree, known as the Master /Teacher Level. When attuned into this level you have the ability to practice, teach / attune reiki. Following this level your spiritual development is expanded. You are opened to a greater universal knowledge, energy and awareness. This is where you dive deeper into understanding and experience that we are Reiki. This level 3 relates to the self-mastery of love. wisdom, forgiveness compassion ans acceptance, it accelerates your personal growth in these areas enabling you to deliberately create your own reality in more awareness… Read more.

Absorbing Energy Workshop

The workshop is raising your awareness to energy and energies around you. Observing energy is the key to ensuring your wellbeing, also being aware of your own energy , knowing that you are absorbing someone else’s energy. This beautiful day is about giving you tips/tools on PROTECTING yourself from observing others energy. There are many people who are SENSITIVE to energy. Whether you are an adult or a child, being sensitive to the energy around you can be exhausting! If you’ve ever walked into a room and immediately FELT happy or sad or anxious or scared you have picked up on the energy of the room. If you walk up to someone and as soon as you start interacting or communicating with them your mood changes, you are picking up on or TUNING into THEIR energy. If this is YOU! this workshop is for you… Read more.

Owning Your Energy

Energy is an extremely powerful thing. It makes up everything we know and the energy we put time to can really affect our lives. An important thing to remember is that nobody can take your own power. If you feel you are lacking in this then it is because you have freely given it to somebody else. You are in full control of your own energy and power, even if in vulnerable or difficult times it may not feel like it… Read more.