Reiki Explained

What is reiki?

Reiki moves your energy, it helps to recharge and energise your body, brings motivation, clarity and calmness to your mind and wellness and balance to your emotions. Reiki unblocks physical pain or unease in your body, reduces stress, gives direction, clarity and allows you to manage your outer world which might be chaotic. If you have symptoms with your physical body, mental health or emotional body, usually a course of reiki sessions (4/5) are recommended. It is best to do each session two weeks apart.

Symptoms that may occur following each session:

Your first reiki session brings up your energy allowing your physical body, mental body and emotional body to become aligned, dissolving blocks, pain and any unease within your system (body). balances your, body, mind and emotions. This gives you that pep back in your step, increases motivation, giving you a taster of what life can be like. This session gives you a feeling of being refreshed, energised, leaving you with a sense of clarity and direction. Although this may only last a couple of days to weeks, remember I cannot do a brain transplant or lobectomy. Symptoms come back like the way you were before your reiki session.

Second sessions work deep within your mental body. This energy goes deep within you unlocking emotions of sadness, rejection, hurt, loss…etc. Following this session it may cause you to be angry, irritable, bringing up past hurt. This allows you to become free of some of your past.

Third sessions work the deepest, mainly on your physical body. I find this one goes deep within your soul/body, releasing old beliefs and thoughts that you have been told or conditioned to. It brings up stuff that you have harboured for many years. People that hold on to their stuff which is coming up to let go, can make you feel physically unwell, such as flu-like symptoms.

And finally for most clients the fourth session brings you back into alignment, sustains and assists your well-being. After this session you feel clear in your thought process, physically well and energised, most importantly you look at life and enjoy being you.

Let’s start your healing journey…