Owning Your Energy

Energy is an extremely powerful thing. It makes up everything we know and the energy we put time to can really affect our lives. An important thing to remember is that nobody can take your own power. If you feel you are lacking in this then it is because you have freely given it to somebody else. You are in full control of your own energy and power, even if in vulnerable or difficult times it may not feel like it.

It is normal for us to feel hurt by another person. This is part of the process of life. We may fall out of friendship, love, or just feel betrayed by their actions. When this happens, we may immerse ourself in self-pity, guilt and anger. By doing this, we are allowing their energy to influence our own without even realising it. By holding onto hurt, we are only hurting ourselves.

Forgiveness is a major step on the journey of healing. To forgive doesn’t mean you are letting that person away with what they have done, it means you are releasing yourself from the hurt which has been put upon you so that you can heal and grow to be the best version of yourself possible. If you struggle to forgive someone because you just do not believe you can wish them well, then you can still give them back their own energy. To do this, say to yourself “I am taking back my own energy and giving you back yours.” This process of transferring energy will allow you to break free from the hold that person’s energy has over you and their life will no longer consume yours as much as it previously did.

Try focusing on your own energy and become more aware of it, you will really notice a difference in your mindset.