Reiki III

What should I expect?

Many students feel that they have become the Reiki energy, also feeling of coming home to oneself. They have a greater awareness, stronger healing ability. Reiki Level 3 is the third degree into the golden elemental earth healing energy. This is the Level 3 Master and Master Teacher Level Certificate Course in accordance with the Reiki Federation of Ireland

Reiki Level 3, Reiki Master. €300

This is the final degree, known as the Master /Teacher Level. When attuned into this level you have the ability to practice, teach / attune reiki. Following this level your spiritual development is expanded. You are opened to a greater universal knowledge, energy and awareness. This is where you dive deeper into understanding and experience that we are Reiki. This level 3 relates to the self-mastery of love. wisdom, forgiveness compassion ans acceptance, it accelerates your personal growth in these areas enabling you to deliberately create your own reality in more awareness. While it strengths your alignment to Source Energy, it will also ground and root you to Mother Earth. It heightenings your healing, intuitive and psychic abilities, whist illuminating your co-creative powers. When students have been attuned into Reiki Level 3 they feel they have come home.

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Are you looking to find your inner Universe? To build up health, strength and confidence?

Reiki III – 2 Day Training

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Price: €350 with lunch included. Refresher €150

Where: Emohruo Medical and Wellness Centre, Ardfinnan. E91T974

All welcome, please contact me to secure a place a €50 deposit is required.

For more information call: 089 488 7439