Calender July 2024

Yoga & Reiki Healing

Saturday 6th July
12md – 3pm
Refreshments €60

Sunday 7th July
11am – 2pm
Refreshments €60

Enhance your
Confidence and Clarity

This retreat aims to gain back your confidence by slowing down your energy through breathwork and listening to your inner voice. Utilising meditation and angel cards to receive clarity and guidance. This retreat will enable to recognise your baseline wellbeing. It will assist and encourage positive thinking, by guiding your thoughts from negative with techniques and tools learnt throughout the day. Raise your personal power by deepen their relationship and connection with the child within.

Saturday 20nd July

10.30am – 4pm

Lunch included €100

2 Day Health and
Wellness Retreat
An introduction to Meditation and Peace Take a break form the gossip and superficial chatter, rejuvenate and relax with meditation and gentle walking in the heart of nature. Start each day with yoga out in nature

Saturday 27th
and Sunday 28th July

10.30am – 4pm
Lunch included
With 1 nghts accommodation €240 P.P.S


Crystal Healing Day

Connect with the power of Crystals, removing guilt, shame and past hurt.

Saturday 16th

11am to 4pm
 lunch €100 

 Reiki Level 11
Sept 30th & Oct 1st

Lunch included